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r60303.132019-04-17 at 08:09gvbnOur World Is Ended - NA Editionrelease date changed again
r60303.122019-03-09 at 14:18gvbnOur World Is Ended - NA Editionformat
r60303.112019-03-09 at 14:17gvbnOur World Is Ended - NA Editionmay release for north america
r60303.102019-03-01 at 11:12ac728Our World Is Ended - NA EditionDelayed.
r60303.92019-01-17 at 23:12tw1stedOur World Is Ended - NA Editionrelease date
r60303.82018-10-25 at 09:29trickzzterOur World Is EndedThe confirmation of Japanese language came from Steam. No info for console releases.
r60303.72018-10-25 at 09:21trickzzterOur World Is EndedSeparating Steam release r60314
r60303.62018-10-24 at 14:01707Our World Is Endedasd
r60303.52018-10-24 at 14:01707Our World Is Endedhas japanese in steam
r60303.42018-10-24 at 13:53delusionparadoxOur World Is Endedtitle
r60303.32018-10-24 at 13:51delusionparadoxOre-tachi no Sekai wa Owatteiru.platforms
r60303.22018-10-24 at 13:51delusionparadoxOre-tachi no Sekai wa Owatteiru.age rating
r60303.12018-10-24 at 13:50delusionparadoxOre-tachi no Sekai wa Owatteiru.added