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r62214.62019-08-17 at 13:13shadowzephyr9-nine-:Episode 2add link, Chinese language
r62214.52019-08-08 at 01:29canicheslayer9-nine-:Episode 2Delay
r62214.42019-08-07 at 07:09curious9-nine-:Episode 2Engine.
r62214.32019-08-06 at 03:24asaki9-nine-:Episode 2The link from Steam for the proof. Well I guess good for Sekai that they release this quickly, so hopefully they can keep it up for the next episode
r62214.22019-02-14 at 20:02eacil9-nine-:Episode 2english
r62214.12019-02-14 at 20:02eacil9-nine-:Episode 2localization link (I guess it has Chinese and will be split between all-age/18+ but I prefer to wait for confirmation)