Edit history of Gore Screaming Show – English Patch 0.04

r63491.72020-09-15 at 19:40jarlyGore Screaming Show – English Patch 0.04Updated with new patch.
r63491.62020-03-08 at 19:23eacilGore Screaming Show – English Patch 0.03it's alive! it's alive! (lmao)
r63491.52019-06-09 at 16:40beliarGore Screaming Showdate update
r63491.42019-06-09 at 12:58infernoplexGore Screaming ShowUpdated the release with the most recent progress status.
r63491.32019-05-03 at 15:16beliarGore Screaming Showno original title
r63491.22019-05-03 at 01:07infernoplexGore Screaming ShowAdded publisher.
r63491.12019-05-03 at 00:58infernoplexGore Screaming ShowAdded new release (partial fan-translation).