Edit history of Dry Drowning

r63531.72021-02-21 at 16:25thereservoirDry DrowningSets age rating to 17+ based on ESRB M rating.
r63531.62021-02-17 at 09:31nojokerDry DrowningRelease date.
r63531.52020-12-17 at 14:31nojokerDry DrowningAdded info.
r63531.42020-12-17 at 14:30nojokerDry DrowningAnnounced for Switch with a German translation.
r63531.32019-07-13 at 10:11npzmzfgDry DrowningSplit out 2020 XBox release, added Switch, and removed 2019 release date.
r63531.22019-06-02 at 08:12trickzzterDry DrowningSeparating PC version: link
r63531.12019-05-06 at 15:59npzmzfgDry DrowningCurrent release information.