Edit history of Maitetsu -pure station-

r63941.62022-02-14 at 13:16delusanoMaitetsu -pure station-Edit
r63941.52020-01-23 at 09:21nekonekogirlMaitetsu -pure station-released link
r63941.42019-10-07 at 22:07IlecaMaitetsu -pure station-I don't see why an international release would use the Chinese title first even if the publisher is Chinese; different console=different releases
r63941.32019-10-06 at 07:31xuanfengsaoyeAi Shang Huoche -Pure Station-According to Play-Asia, this edition has been delayed to Jan. 2020 link
r63941.22019-05-28 at 12:14xuanfengsaoyeAi Shang Huoche -Pure Station-add official website. Other sources say the producer is Circle Entertainment, which the port version for Switch is based on Hikari Field's PC
r63941.12019-05-28 at 06:32xuanfengsaoyeAi Shang Huoche -Pure Station-Hikari Field's Asia release for SW/PS4, including en\ja\zh languages, Play-Asia's pre-order has began. link