Edit history of Dry Drowning

r64086.72019-08-21 at 19:06lunaterraDry Drowninglinks
r64086.62019-08-03 at 14:58beliarDry Drowningoops
r64086.52019-08-03 at 14:58beliarDry Drowningminor fix
r64086.42019-08-03 at 14:57beliarDry DrowningFormat. I assume the situation is the same as the demo. Added links - the site is preferable to the store link.
r64086.32019-08-03 at 11:49printerdesuDry DrowningEngine
r64086.22019-07-13 at 09:59npzmzfgDry DrowningUpdated release date and added additional outlets.
r64086.12019-06-02 at 08:12trickzzterDry DrowningNew release based on r63531.1