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r64840.62021-08-29 at 07:47foiegrasSFUpdate jast link. Move resolution from notes.
r64840.52020-02-26 at 19:36NinigiSFlink Resolution taken from the log text file Renpy automatically generated everytime we execute the exe. Feel free to correct or remove the note if I
r64840.42020-02-26 at 18:58NinigiSFCan't believe they ported a friggin 3D game to Renpy, sasuga Scam Project AKA SP
r64840.32020-02-22 at 17:21beliarSFlinks
r64840.22020-02-20 at 08:55wildbreedSFReleased
r64840.12019-07-07 at 23:51wildbreedSFAX 2019 Announcement