Edit history of Aokana -Four Rhythms Across the Blue-

r65191.102021-01-30 at 02:45uvixAokana -Four Rhythms Across the Blue-Removed PS4 platform - the Western PS4 release was delayed. (Source: official site linked from the release.) Added missing metadata. (Source: my
r65191.92020-08-20 at 17:20beliarAokana -Four Rhythms Across the Blue-there shouldn't be an original title at all for English translations
r65191.82020-08-20 at 08:34paragoniasAokana -Four Rhythms Across the Blue-The original game is in Japanese, so having the "Original title" field having the Chinese version of the game's title makes little sense. This
r65191.72020-05-05 at 09:49nekonekogirlAokana -Four Rhythms Across the Blue-notes are redundant
r65191.62020-04-28 at 16:56kuu-Aokana -Four Rhythms Across the Blue-Added release date
r65191.52020-02-25 at 17:39badspotAokana -Four Rhythms Across the Blue-added official website
r65191.42020-02-25 at 17:38badspotAokana -Four Rhythms Across the Blue-Published by PQube link
r65191.32019-10-01 at 20:24dk382Aokana -Four Rhythms Across the Blue-Since this is a chinese language release, including the hanzi in the original title field is valid.
r65191.22019-10-01 at 12:58xuanfengsaoyeAokana -Four Rhythms Across the Blue-leave original title blank
r65191.12019-07-26 at 15:33xuanfengsaoyeAokana -Four Rhythms Across the Blue-official Chinese and English version for Switch, published by HIKARI FIELD and NekoNyan. link