Saya no Uta ~ The Song of Saya - Upgrade Patch

RelationSaya no Uta
TitleSaya no Uta ~ The Song of Saya - Upgrade Patch
Type  Complete, patch
Language  English
Platform  Windows
MediumInternet download
Age rating18+
CensoringNo optical censoring (e.g. mosaics)
PublishersJAST USA
Kagura Games
LinksOfficial website

This free patch will update the original release of 'Saya no Uta' (r15329 / r26763) to the new 'Remastered' version.

Newly remastered and updated for Windows 10 and beyond. This new version includes:

* New Game Engine
* Higher Quality Image Resolution
* Improved Translation by the original translator
* Better System Compatibility with Windows 10