Edit history of Raging Loop - Day One NA Edition

r65525.52019-10-07 at 22:55novellaRaging Loop - Day One NA EditionAdding age rating based on the ESRB rating shown on the box cover of the NA release: link
r65525.42019-10-05 at 03:12eacilRaging Loop - Day One NA EditionReverted to revision r65525.2 that was stupid on my part as the download edition are not Day One
r65525.32019-10-05 at 03:03eacilRaging Loop - Day One NA Physical Editiondiff pk/dl
r65525.22019-10-05 at 02:41gundamaceRaging Loop - Day One NA EditionDelayed.
r65525.12019-08-17 at 00:10eacilRaging Loop - Day One NA EditionNew release based on r65524.1