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r6558.102021-03-06 at 13:48poudinkItazura GokuakuArchived links.
r6558.92015-09-07 at 17:42beliarItazura GokuakuReverted to revision r6558.7 the link to official site already points to the same link. Your note addition is redundant.
r6558.82015-09-07 at 16:54alienking2012Itazura GokuakuVersion 2.10 link added!
r6558.72014-10-13 at 23:33beliarItazura Gokuakufrom what I see this has just been finished
r6558.62013-06-23 at 10:20beliarItazura GokuakuPatch was updated with Tomo route.
r6558.52012-11-03 at 10:11beliarItazura Gokuakuadded info about patches
r6558.42012-11-03 at 03:01therefItazura GokuakuWhere is the patch? can't found it
r6558.32012-11-03 at 00:50loctar87Itazura GokuakuNew release with translated routes.
r6558.22010-09-17 at 18:45claymoreItazura Gokuakud6#5 "We do not provide downloads nor links to resources that encourage the illegal spreading of visual novels."
r6558.12010-02-04 at 19:23kaintiItazura Gokuakuadded English translation