Edit history of Maitetsu - Download Edition

r65615.72022-04-01 at 22:18IlecaMaitetsu - Download EditionAll scenes fully animated > All scenes Vectorial CGs (Lose doesn't do hand drawn animation afaik)
r65615.62020-10-15 at 15:22gvbnMaitetsu - Download Editionsites other than getchu have removed the original release in favor of the popular edition
r65615.52019-09-22 at 01:54gvbnMaitetsu - Download Editionmore links
r65615.42019-09-06 at 16:29gvbnMaitetsu - Download Editionoriginal release date on dmm game player
r65615.32019-09-06 at 16:11gvbnMaitetsu - Download Editiondlsite release
r65615.22019-08-23 at 03:17gvbnMaitetsu - Download Editioninfo
r65615.12019-08-23 at 03:16gvbnMaitetsu - Download EditionNew release based on r42038.9