Edit history of Quartett!

r657.132021-07-04 at 05:38NowItsAngeTimeQuartett!Translator: AstCd2
r657.122018-07-30 at 15:39turixQuartett!Really fixed url notation *facepalm*
r657.112018-07-30 at 15:39turixQuartett!Fixed incorrect url notation.
r657.102018-07-30 at 15:37turixQuartett!Added a link to a page containing a list of mirrors to the patch as the link on the offical website is down.
r657.92015-06-15 at 16:28turixQuartett!Website has been down for over a year, updated link to reference web archive.
r657.82011-01-23 at 11:38yorhelQuartett!Title + release today (their site doesn't say so, but everything points to it)
r657.72011-01-23 at 11:27nekonekogirlQuartett! - Standard EditionAdded media, release and notes.
r657.62011-01-23 at 11:27eyelessQuartett! - Standard Editionreleased
r657.52009-06-07 at 08:59multiQuartett! - Standard EditionAutomated edit with the update to VNDB 2.4. This release is a patch, freeware flag is assumed Feel free to revert if this assumption happens to be
r657.42008-03-16 at 14:46maccasvenneQuartett! - Standard Edition
r657.32008-03-14 at 23:37maccasvenneQuartett! Standard Edition
r657.22008-03-14 at 23:20maccasvenneQuartett! Standard Edition
r657.12008-03-14 at 23:20maccasvenneQuartett! Standard Edition