Edit history of Kikokugai - The Cyber Slayer

r6571.62014-05-27 at 16:49insanityyKikokugai - The Cyber SlayerUpdated link.
r6571.52010-05-11 at 08:14izmosmolnarKikokugai - The Cyber Slayersite
r6571.42010-02-06 at 04:48moogyKikokugai - The Cyber SlayerMeh, so many fields to fill out X_x
r6571.32010-02-06 at 04:47silverKikokugai - The Cyber Slayerit's an English release so it doesn't need Japanese original name
r6571.22010-02-06 at 04:46moogyKikokugai - The Cyber SlayerOops.
r6571.12010-02-06 at 04:44moogyKikokugai - The Cyber SlayerPatch released. La la la.