Master Magistrate - Early Access

RelationOuka Sabaki
TitleMaster Magistrate - Early Access
Type  Partial
Language  English
PublicationNon-free, commercial
Platform  Windows
MediumInternet download
Age ratingAll ages
LinksSteam, SteamDB

This is a global release of a previously Japan-exclusive game that will include all four main story chapters, each with a complete mystery. The first three chapters, comprising 85+ CGs and 10+ hours of story, are in the game now. When the final chapter is done the game will leave early access, and the price will go up for new buyers.
We want players to be able to enjoy the first three chapters now, and we want feedback from players to help improve the quality of the localization before final release.

We plan to make the entirety of the original Japanese release available to fans in English and Chinese, with the caveat that the post-story content (branching routes after the final chapter) is not appropriate for all ages. That content is planned for sale separately, coinciding with the game's full release.