Edit history of Raging Loop

r66051.72019-12-05 at 05:46shining17Raging Loop...
r66051.62019-11-26 at 21:38crooweRaging LoopAdded Steam ID.
r66051.52019-11-26 at 21:37crooweRaging LoopThe one who is publishing the Steam release is KEMCO, not PQube.
r66051.42019-09-05 at 15:18beliarRaging LoopNo original title, site
r66051.32019-09-05 at 13:22gundamaceRaging LoopFixed for consistency with other English releases.
r66051.22019-09-05 at 13:21gundamaceRaging LoopFixed title.
r66051.12019-09-05 at 13:21gundamaceRei-Jin-G-Lu-PNew release.