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Edit history of STEINS;GATE: My Darling’s Embrace

r67982.62021-11-25 at 07:35badspotSTEINS;GATE: My Darling’s EmbraceEngine.
r67982.52019-12-20 at 07:52trickzzterSTEINS;GATE: My Darling’s EmbraceFull HD
r67982.42019-12-11 at 07:48trickzzterSTEINS;GATE: My Darling’s EmbraceOfficial website
r67982.32019-12-10 at 21:27badspotSTEINS;GATE: My Darling’s EmbraceRemoved the PS Store page.
r67982.22019-12-10 at 17:53badspotSTEINS;GATE: My Darling’s Embracejp is included as well (from Steam page)
r67982.12019-12-10 at 17:40badspotSTEINS;GATE: My Darling’s EmbracePC as well link