Edit history of Hermitage: Strange Case Files

r69598.52021-10-27 at 04:12trickzzterHermitage: Strange Case FilesEnglish only
r69598.42021-10-19 at 20:09butterflygrrlHermitage: Strange Case Filessteam page date
r69598.32020-11-06 at 11:42IlecaHermitage: Strange Case Fileswill not be released this year but Q1 2020 "Hermitage release will be unfortunately Q1 2021 as the localisation with over 1.2 million words is huge
r69598.22020-11-06 at 10:38IlecaHermitage: Strange Case Filesengine, reso and voiced according to publisher
r69598.12020-02-15 at 05:52trickzzterHermitage: Strange Case FilesNew release based on r60587.4