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Code: Realize ~Shirogane no Kiseki~ for Nintendo Switch

Code:Realize ~白銀の奇跡~ for Nintendo Switch

RelationCode: Realize ~Shirogane no Kiseki~
TitleCode: Realize ~Shirogane no Kiseki~ for Nintendo Switch
Original titleCode:Realize ~白銀の奇跡~ for Nintendo Switch
Type Complete
Language Japanese
PublicationNon-free, commercial
Platform Nintendo Switch
Medium1 Cartridge
VoicedFully voiced
AnimationStory: No animations
Age rating12+
PublisherIdea Factory Co., Ltd.
Catalog no.HAC-P-AXHFA
LinksOfficial website, PlayAsia
Switch version has additional short stories for each of the characters, including Sholmes and Finis, called Sea Side story with new CGs.