Edit history of Silverio Ragnarok - Download Edition

r71218.52020-05-28 at 20:11eacilSilverio Ragnarok - Download Editionduplicate of r70124, see t2108.3193 (the publ and link were exported)
r71218.42020-05-28 at 06:43trickzzterSilverio Ragnarok - Download EditionReleased
r71218.32020-04-30 at 05:08trickzzterSilverio Ragnarok - Download EditionNot out yet
r71218.22020-04-25 at 18:14crooweSilverio Ragnarok - Download Editionadded steam page
r71218.12020-04-25 at 18:14crooweSilverio Ragnarok - Download EditionSteam version announced