Edit history of 9 -Nine- Xue Se Xue Hua Xueyu Hen

r71938.42020-06-05 at 14:13xuanfengsaoye9 -Nine- Xue Se Xue Hua Xueyu HenAll texts have been translated. A lot of VN's amateur translation didn't translate OP/ED, I don't think this should be called partial
r71938.32020-05-21 at 00:17lotuscale9 -Nine- Xue Se Xue Hua Xueyu HenHello, patch doesn't have a developer in general.
r71938.22020-05-20 at 22:53acthegreat9 -Nine- Xue Se Xue Hua Xueyu HenChanged name to the Chinese name. Don't know if I get the pinyin right.
r71938.12020-05-20 at 22:43acthegreat9 -Nine- Yukiiro Yukihana YukinoatoThe initial version of the Chinese patch to 9-nine ep4 has been released on tieba.baidu.com. They will release a full version in the later days, as