Edit history of VenusBlood HOLLOW International - 18+ Edition

r72867.102021-11-26 at 00:12beliarVenusBlood HOLLOW International - 18+ Editionbetter site
r72867.92021-11-25 at 23:44beliarVenusBlood HOLLOW International - 18+ Editionnot bilingual
r72867.82021-11-25 at 22:44beliarVenusBlood HOLLOW International - 18+ Editionnote
r72867.72021-11-25 at 17:20beliarVenusBlood HOLLOW International - 18+ Editionsites, better name
r72867.62021-11-25 at 17:19asakiVenusBlood HOLLOW International - Download EditionChanged the release date because it was released at 12 AM Japanese time in that it's also yesterday 3 PM UTC, and obviously most of the countries
r72867.52021-08-20 at 06:01asakiVenusBlood HOLLOW International - Download EditionFrom their KS update (The link), and yes I trust this more compared to Sharin release date that Frontwing did announce
r72867.42020-07-02 at 21:58seryuuVenusBlood HOLLOW International - Download EditionListed JAST as publisher
r72867.32020-07-02 at 19:49beliarVenusBlood HOLLOW International - Download Editionno space
r72867.22020-07-02 at 19:45beliarVenus Blood HOLLOW International - Download Editionmost likely uncensored, just like frontier
r72867.12020-07-02 at 19:41beliarVenus Blood HOLLOW International - Download EditionCopied from r72866.2