Edit history of Evenicle 2

r73071.112022-03-12 at 14:35Marc402Evenicle 2MG page says it's partially voiced, just like Evenicle 1
r73071.102022-02-23 at 04:43styjoyEvenicle 2Johren link
r73071.92022-02-22 at 16:32Marc402Evenicle 2link fixed dlsite link
r73071.82022-01-19 at 08:45Mario3573Evenicle 2links
r73071.72022-01-19 at 03:39asakiEvenicle 2Sorry for the wrong date earlier
r73071.62022-01-19 at 02:24asakiEvenicle 2The link for the proof. Quite a date for certain here
r73071.52021-07-03 at 23:10NowItsAngeTimeEvenicle 2Translator: Quof and Steiner
r73071.42021-07-02 at 03:34NowItsAngeTimeEvenicle 2Translator: Steiner
r73071.32021-06-19 at 20:26testerEvenicle 2It's probably will be 4.X. Need clarification afterwards.
r73071.22020-07-13 at 21:40badspotEvenicle 2Edited name.
r73071.12020-07-13 at 21:40badspotEvenicle 2 - Download Editionmy bad I always confuse the edit button and copy link