Edit history of Daiakuji - Low Price Edition

r739.102020-04-15 at 20:21testerDaiakuji - Low Price EditionFix engine name.
r739.92020-04-15 at 20:19testerDaiakuji - Low Price EditionAliceSoft Engine 3.9 version of AliceSoft Engine 3.X.
r739.82019-08-08 at 19:43ShinnewDaiakuji - Low Price EditionJAN, catalog number. link
r739.72015-11-23 at 02:09Jazz957Daiakuji - Low Price EditionProducer
r739.62015-06-10 at 08:04savagetigerDaiakuji - Low Price Editionvoice
r739.52014-06-26 at 09:13slv76Daiakuji - Low Price EditionLow Price Edition
r739.42008-08-06 at 16:13echomateriaDaiakuji - Budget EditionBased on the copy I have.
r739.32008-05-05 at 10:09echomateriaDaiakuji - Budget Edition
r739.22008-05-05 at 10:08YorhelDaiakuji Budget
r739.12008-03-16 at 02:55echomateriaDaiakuji Omnibus