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Updated to reflect the latest release. I don't see free builds on Patreon, so removed the freeware flag.
Title (Romaji)My Dream Girl - v 0.14My Dream Girl v0.14.6
Release date20202020-09-20
NotesThe plot of My Dream Girl [ Work in Progress ]
# Max’s childhood was rough. He was Adopted by his neighbor “ Burgandi “, after he lost his parents at a very early age. he Witnessed their death, got traumatized, and changed. He grew up to be a sum-what decent person but still behaved as an innocent kid with grownup body & desires ). Now he is a history professor at a university and while on a picnic to a remote abandoned castle he decides to propose to the woman of his dreams, But a beautiful woman greets him in the castle to his surprise and changes his life forever. Will he be willing to accept what else awaits him in the future is for you to decide.
Known Bug :
- The game will loop after it ends, it is specified wherein the game...
- Changing one of the Renpy 32 files to match the name of the game. (Example: MyDreamGirl.exe)
Producers[empty]A Dre@mer Studio (developer, publisher)

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My Dream Girl v0.14.6

RelationMy Dream Girl
TitleMy Dream Girl v0.14.6
Type Partial
Language English
PublicationNon-free, doujin
Platforms Linux
Mac OS
MediumInternet download
VoicedPartially voiced
AnimationStory: Simple animations
Ero scenes: Simple animations
Age rating18+
CensoringNo optical censoring (e.g. mosaics)
DeveloperA Dre@mer Studio
PublisherA Dre@mer Studio
LinksOfficial website