Edit history of B.C.P.C. Works Collection

r76864.52021-01-04 at 08:45qpoB.C.P.C. Works Collection+ v29972
r76864.42021-01-04 at 08:43qpoB.C.P.C. Works Collectionengine r76810
r76864.32021-01-04 at 08:41qpoB.C.P.C. Works Collectionincludes all their previous short games except v29977?
r76864.22021-01-03 at 15:10qpoB.C.P.C. Works Collectionformat
r76864.12021-01-03 at 15:09qpoB.C.P.C. Works Collectionadded link my also contains other old works of Juzi Ban