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Revision 1
By asaki on 2021-02-25 at 07:50
Revision 2
By beliar on 2021-03-02 at 17:43
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Translator, corrected date to the final patch
Release date2020-11-212020-12-15
NotesAll but the sex scenes are translated.Everything the sex scenes is translated.

[url=]Discord link[/url]
Producers[empty]Depravity (publisher)

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Amayui Castle Meister

RelationAmayui Castle Meister
TitleAmayui Castle Meister
Type Partial, patch, unofficial
Language English
Platform Windows
MediumInternet download
Age rating18+
CensoringMay include optical censoring (e.g. mosaics)
LinksOfficial website
Everything the sex scenes is translated.

Discord link.