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r78318.302022-07-11 at 00:39sodderySnowUpdated info on latest update
r78318.292022-06-29 at 02:16sodderySnowAdded information on the minor bugfix update
r78318.282022-06-25 at 00:49Marc402SnowSee t2108.4593. Standalone translations are allowed although they are technically piracy, although download links (but not release info) can be
r78318.272022-06-24 at 20:58Mario3573SnowIt's out, direct link to patch instead of their release tweet since piracy
r78318.262022-06-22 at 15:50Marc402Snowadded note, most people will click on this release instead of r1760 so it's important to note it here as well
r78318.252022-06-19 at 18:14Mario3573SnowRelease date link
r78318.242022-06-17 at 10:04Mario3573Snowlink
r78318.232022-06-13 at 08:04Mario3573Snowupdate link
r78318.222022-06-03 at 04:08Marc402Snowdate link
r78318.212022-06-02 at 12:01Mario3573SnowUpdate link
r78318.202022-05-26 at 14:31Mario3573SnowUpdate link
r78318.192022-05-01 at 16:09Mario3573SnowUpdate link
r78318.182022-04-17 at 21:14Mario3573SnowUpdate link
r78318.172022-04-02 at 18:20Mario3573SnowUpdate link
r78318.162022-03-16 at 16:30Mario3573SnowUpdate, also take out overall since it's out of date link
r78318.152022-02-28 at 07:24Mario3573SnowUpdate link
r78318.142022-02-01 at 22:30Mario3573SnowOops
r78318.132022-02-01 at 22:08Mario3573SnowAddendum
r78318.122022-02-01 at 21:32Mario3573SnowUpdate link
r78318.112022-01-16 at 22:25Mario3573SnowUpdate link
r78318.102022-01-02 at 07:54Mario3573Snowdate
r78318.92022-01-02 at 07:54Mario3573Snowlink
r78318.82022-01-01 at 08:43Mario3573Snowlink
r78318.72021-12-04 at 16:27Mario3573Snowforgot the date
r78318.62021-12-03 at 08:18Mario3573SnowUpdate link
r78318.52021-11-12 at 09:18Mario3573Snowupdate link, ouka 2nd playthrough refers to mysterious girl route link
r78318.42021-10-10 at 07:50Mario3573Snowoops
r78318.32021-10-10 at 07:50Mario3573SnowStatus link
r78318.22021-05-19 at 09:47Mario3573SnowAdd group
r78318.12021-03-03 at 23:09zudoSnowCreate release (project revived) - see link and link