Edit history of Slave Lord 1.4.1

r78430.82021-10-11 at 15:04beliarSlave Lord 1.4.1not a vn
r78430.72021-10-09 at 21:01ezezinSlave Lord 1.4.1Changed voices and ero-animations.
r78430.62021-10-09 at 20:59ezezinSlave Lord 1.4.1Removed website, added notes.
r78430.52021-09-10 at 06:52shitSlave Lord 1.4.1Itch
r78430.42021-05-19 at 09:09chipp12Slave Lord 1.4.1or maybe not, that makes it more confusing
r78430.32021-05-19 at 09:08chipp12Slave Lord 1.4.1+++
r78430.22021-05-19 at 09:08chipp12Slave Lord 1.4.1working link
r78430.12021-03-07 at 04:33thereservoirSlave Lord 1.4.1Adds release