Edit history of Loopers - Trial Edition

r79767.72022-04-09 at 18:03Marc402Loopers - Trial EditionIt's already there in the official website, no need to write the same link twice
r79767.62021-05-24 at 13:47DraconyanLoopers - Trial Editionreleased
r79767.52021-05-19 at 09:48Mario3573Loopers - Trial Editionnot dev
r79767.42021-05-19 at 09:48Mario3573Loopers - Trial EditionAdd group
r79767.32021-05-18 at 19:59iriyamsLoopers - Trial EditionAdded link to announcement in twitter, which also contains youtube preview video for the upcoming patch.
r79767.22021-05-17 at 15:11iriyamsLoopers - Trial EditionUpdated release date to point to the first day of the next month, for more clarity.
r79767.12021-05-17 at 15:10iriyamsLoopers - Trial EditionAdded unofficial English patch release for Loopers, as part of the group of the people working on it.