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r80828.122022-02-12 at 10:23multiStudy § SteadyAutomatic extraction of Chinese language from the notes.
r80828.112021-07-18 at 04:05n8marezeroStudy § SteadyAdded: Engine, resolution and animation info (consistent with r67097); voiced info; Japanese language (release has text selection for Chinese
r80828.102021-07-05 at 22:03NowItsAngeTimeStudy § SteadyTesting: Kokutou Shio, Kaironos Alazar
r80828.92021-07-03 at 18:56NowItsAngeTimeStudy § SteadyLocalization Production: Robert K English translator: Ezra Neriah, Dick Twinkel, Beverly_Maynor
r80828.82021-07-01 at 13:54NowItsAngeTimeStudy § SteadyFixed TLer name
r80828.72021-06-30 at 20:32NowItsAngeTimeStudy § SteadyAdded English TLer
r80828.62021-06-30 at 03:03styjoyStudy § SteadyDev isn’t required for localisation only release.
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r80828.42021-06-30 at 01:51c2kStudy § Steadyadding shop site in the description because external cannot identify the shop
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