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[quote]This project will use heavily the deepLuna extraction/edition/translation/injection script that is available in the following repository:


Extractor/Editor/Translator/Injector for Tsukihime Remake

deepLuna, from "deepL", the machine translation service, and "Luna", the name of the Roman Moon goddess, is a Python script with a GUI interface that works as an extractor/editor/translator (with deepL API)/injector for the text of the Tsukihime Remake game on Switch and possibly on PS4, while taking into account the whole internal structure of the script.[/quote]

[quote]We do have the script mtl translated, but we're having a team of people working on the project.[/quote]

[quote]@someone: Human translation o deep machine learning?
@tsukihimates: The translation is checked several times by japanese translators.
@someone: So human?
@tsukihimates: In the end yes.[/quote]

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Tsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-

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TitleTsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-
Language English
Platform Nintendo Switch
VoicedFully voiced
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