Edit history of Tsvety anisa

r83838.72021-11-27 at 07:57testerTsvety anisaName fix. See here.
r83838.62021-11-04 at 04:26EzezinAnise FlowersStill not official, read what I rote in t17287.
r83838.52021-11-03 at 06:12VNkaAnise Flowers"VNka" is official publisher of this visual novel. It's official russian localization. It's my private correspondence with the developer to prove it:
r83838.42021-11-02 at 02:59EzezinAnise FlowersNot official.
r83838.32021-10-14 at 04:08miinnaAnise Flowersnew info
r83838.22021-10-14 at 04:05miinnaAnise Flowersnew info
r83838.12021-10-14 at 04:03miinnaAnise Flowersnew info