Edit history of 9-nine- Download Edition

r83944.72022-05-12 at 15:05freesia9-nine- Download EditionMaybe this official website is more suitable.
r83944.62022-05-12 at 14:55manicsteiner9-nine-The publisher should be Entergram. Corrected. Redirected link to Nintendo Store JP.
r83944.52022-03-20 at 17:16Ninius9-nine-9-nine-
r83944.42022-02-28 at 16:41meltice9 -nine-Add age rating.
r83944.32022-02-14 at 10:33meltice9 -nine-Add release date.
r83944.22021-10-18 at 14:06Mario35739 -nine-Not out yet
r83944.12021-10-18 at 13:55freesia9 -nine-Copied from r83943.1 as Switch release.