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Maitetsu - Last Run!! Shinka Suru Complete Pack [DLsite Gentei Tokuten Tsuki]

まいてつ Last Run!! 進化するコンプリートパック 【DLsite限定特典付き】

Relation Maitetsu
Maitetsu - Last Run!!
TitleMaitetsu - Last Run!! Shinka Suru Complete Pack [DLsite Gentei Tokuten Tsuki]
Original titleまいてつ Last Run!! 進化するコンプリートパック 【DLsite限定特典付き】
Language Japanese
Platform Windows
MediumInternet download
VoicedFully voiced
AnimationStory: All scenes fully animated
Ero scenes: All scenes fully animated
Age rating18+
CensoringIncludes optical censoring (e.g. mosaics)
Aka 'Maitetsu Last Run!! ~The Evolving Complete Pack~ [Incl. DLsite Exclusive Bonuses]'.
Comes in three versions - Limited, Normal and Chinese.

Includes almost all content that currently exists for 'Maitetsu - Last Run!!', including content for the original 'Maitetsu' and exclusive DLsite bonuses and with more content being added continuously. Release information listed refers only to the base release of 'Maitetsu - Last Run!!', any additional content may deviate from the listed specs.
The original Maitetsu release is called 'まいてつ+ハチロクボイスドラマセット' (Maitetsu+Hachiroku Voice Drama Set) and includes the 'Popular Edition' of Maitetsu, and more.

Last content addition was at 2021-12-01. See the DLsite page for more information.

-Written based on information from the DLsite store page
Last updated for content 2021-12-05