Edit history of Mary Skelter 2

r85361.52022-01-12 at 15:13ErnovaceMary Skelter 2Source: link
r85361.42022-01-12 at 15:09ErnovaceMary Skelter 2You don't need to complete the second game to unlock the first game. It is available from the start.
r85361.32022-01-12 at 15:08ErnovaceMary Skelter 2Added the first game to the release since the switch release is in the same format: link
r85361.22022-01-12 at 15:06ErnovaceMary Skelter 2Added date. Source: link
r85361.12021-12-16 at 17:50badspotMary Skelter 2Release date has it as 9th but it's not out yet...