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Houkago Cinderella

Relation Houkago Cinderella (partial)
TitleHoukago Cinderella
TypeUnofficial patch
Language English
Platform Windows
MediumInternet download
Age rating18+
Erotic contentContains erotic scenes with optical censoring
LinksOfficial website
The partial-patch covers the Prologue, Youka's, and Tanomi's route.

Patch Progress (02/05/2022):43.12%translated

The patch is translated to the bare minimum to play the game from start to finish (you must follow the included guide). The translation has only been roughly edited by the translator himself and still requires proper Editing and QC. Not all UIs have been translated.

Translation started on 13th July 2021
Prologue and Youka's patch released on 1st January 2022
Tanomi's patch released on 14th April 2022