Edit history of Maid for Loving You

r89074.102022-11-26 at 04:56trickzzterMaid for Loving YouTitle fix
r89074.92022-11-26 at 04:53trickzzterMaid for Loving YouTitles
r89074.82022-11-18 at 14:48KEVINNGW808Maid for Loving YouAdd date relaase. link
r89074.72022-11-18 at 03:44trickzzterMaid for Loving YouMost likely has no erotic scenes. From Steam: This game contains non-graphic sexual references and innuendo and some risqué scenes.
r89074.62022-11-17 at 19:27trickzzterMaid for Loving YouReverted to revision r89074.3 There will be 18+ patch, so the "base" game is censored link
r89074.52022-11-17 at 16:58Marc402Maid for Loving Youno mosaics link
r89074.42022-11-16 at 14:56Marklord13Maid for Loving YouI gave it the 18 plus age rating.
r89074.32022-11-11 at 05:47trickzzterMaid for Loving YouSteam link, it doesn't look like it'll have 18+ content
r89074.22022-05-20 at 17:52Mario3573Maid for Loving YouStatus + Release date link
r89074.12022-04-05 at 04:54Marc402Maid for Loving Youlink Idk which chinese they'll do so I added both