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Edit history of Er Fen Zhi Yi

r91642.92023-02-27 at 01:00butterflygrrlEr Fen Zhi YiThe steam page says english is not supported, there's no sign of any English release planned.
r91642.82023-02-26 at 13:46cvndbEr Fen Zhi Yidate
r91642.72023-01-23 at 22:18Mario3573Er Fen Zhi Yiadd en
r91642.62022-11-02 at 12:03db-ident-1Er Fen Zhi YiDelayed yet again :(
r91642.52022-10-19 at 08:57db-ident-1Er Fen Zhi YiThe release date on Steam has been updated to "Releasing by the end of 2022".
r91642.42022-08-24 at 19:14georgankarEr Fen Zhi YiChanged the release date according to the Steam page
r91642.32022-06-10 at 07:56EzezinEr Fen Zhi YiRelease date according to Steam.
r91642.22022-05-24 at 14:12laoshubabyEr Fen Zhi YiAdd Lingchuang Youxi as developer
r91642.12022-05-24 at 13:40laoshubabyEr Fen Zhi YiAdd Steam version