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CHAOS;HEAD NOAH Overhaul Patch (Switch)

CHAOS;HEAD NOAH Overhaul Patch (Switch)
CHAOS;HEAD NOAH Overhaul Patch (Switch)
TypeUnofficial patch
Platform Nintendo Switch
Age rating18+
PublisherCommittee of Zero
LinksOfficial website
This patch aims to port the Committee of Zero's fan translation (r55700) from N2System to MAGES. engine, translating CGs and videos, providing karaoke for all songs, as well as fixing the known bugs and oddities introduced in the MAGES. engine release of the game. Additionally, it will reimplement any content that has been cut from the Japanese rerelease and thus, from the English official release that is most likely based on it as well.

The Japanese version of this patch will not be inserting the translation, simply bug fixing and uncensoring.