Edit history of The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~

r95575.162022-12-29 at 00:10KEVINNGW808The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~Add nwe producer.
r95575.152022-12-29 at 00:03KEVINNGW808The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~This VN has been moved to own translator group, Melancholy Translations. BTW, I have no idea how to add producer here.
r95575.142022-11-12 at 02:40Lamp2001The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~finished translation
r95575.132022-10-30 at 15:58Lamp2001The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~edited script
r95575.122022-10-16 at 10:46raika03The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~link Team Members Translator – KKHimawari Editor – Pomelo TLC – Bee QA – Kobra2112, Casual_Scrub, Zealrot Engineer/Madman – Kebab-Jesus Image
r95575.112022-10-02 at 05:06Lamp2001The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~updated scripts
r95575.102022-09-24 at 22:18Lamp2001The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~updated scripts
r95575.92022-09-17 at 00:54Lamp2001The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~updated scripts
r95575.82022-09-10 at 21:23Lamp2001The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~added time period of release
r95575.72022-09-10 at 21:13vs-90The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~Miscounted the scripts
r95575.62022-09-10 at 10:33Mario3573The Rotting Princess ~Euthanasia~judging by link, seems to be the en title they're using
r95575.52022-09-09 at 23:32Lamp2001Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~Edited publisher status
r95575.42022-09-09 at 23:31Lamp2001Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~Added patch maker group
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r95575.12022-09-09 at 23:13Lamp2001Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~Added english release