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r9704.112022-01-19 at 01:07urmomHidaGetchu link
r9704.102020-07-30 at 04:04Jazz957HidaReverted to revision r9704.8 d-angel is a brand of dream japan so it's redundant to list dream japan
r9704.92019-10-18 at 09:30kimesuHidalink
r9704.82019-09-13 at 09:23multiHidaAutomatic import of EGS links based on title (prefix) and release date. See t12755.51
r9704.72018-03-14 at 23:44inactiveHidaShit.
r9704.62018-03-14 at 23:44inactiveHidaDev. link (Planning and Development: D-Angel)
r9704.52018-01-02 at 12:11wakaranaiHidavoiced
r9704.42017-02-11 at 19:18slv76HidaSite
r9704.32013-05-30 at 13:20abyssalerosHidaboth
r9704.22011-02-03 at 07:33irxHida+mac
r9704.12010-08-21 at 05:43eyelessHidaadded release. getchu link