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Edit history of HEAVEN BURNS RED

r99916.62023-02-06 at 11:47707HEAVEN BURNS REDmerging trad ch changing kr title since its basically just hbr (same logic as ヘブンバーンズレッド)
r99916.52023-02-05 at 12:50707HEAVEN BURNS REDlink
r99916.42022-12-15 at 18:11EzezinHEAVEN BURNS REDRemoved website. You can re-add it when the app is updated.
r99916.32022-12-15 at 18:04EzezinHEAVEN BURNS REDSeparating releases. Added Japanese language.
r99916.22022-12-09 at 18:56707Hebeun Beonjeu Ledeu..
r99916.12022-12-09 at 18:55707Hebeun Beonjeu Ledeuwill separate release once release date announced