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DateRating ▴Title
2015-02-16All ages0008 The Story
2009-11All ages00 mem.: ~Le Chat~
2014-07-16All ages00 mem.: ~Le Chat~
2014-10-05All ages07th Theater
2020-03-19All ages07th Theater (patch)
1986-08All ages1000-nen Oukoku
2019-10-31All ages1000 Palabras (unofficial)
2018-11-30All ages1000 Slov (unofficial)
2009-06-22All ages1000 W0RDS
2020-03-03All ages102 Processing
2021-10-30All ages10 Gatsu no Ukareta Machi de
2011-12-24All ages11eyes ~Sin, Damnation and Atonement Girl~ Web Trial (unofficial patch)
2008-04-05All ages11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo- Trial Edition
2014-05-30All ages120 Yen no Haru PC
2014-12-05All ages120 Yen no Haru PC - Download Edition
2014-12-18All ages12-sai. ~Honto no Kimochi~ Download Edition
2014-12-18All ages12-sai. ~Honto no Kimochi~ Package Edition
2016-08-04All ages12-sai. ~Koi Suru Diary~ Download Edition
2016-08-04All ages12-sai. ~Koi Suru Diary~ Package Edition
1998-07-30All ages17 Sai ~My Dear Angel~
2000-09-29All ages17 Sai ~My Dear Angel~ PC Game Best Series Vol.34
2021-05-07All ages1/8 no Sentaku
2014-05-19All ages19°C
2016-05-01All ages19°C
2017-08-28All ages1BeatHeart
2017-08-29All ages1BeatHeart
2015-05-19All ages1bitHeart
2015-05-22All ages1bitHeart
2015-10-08All ages1bitHeart
2016-08-18All ages1bitHeart
2017-08-28All ages1bitHeart
2017-08-28All ages1bitHeart - Steam Edition
2021-10-07All ages1st Teen Story: Lollipop Love (unofficial)
2019-03-31All ages1 Week Love In The Train
2000-12-30All ages20 Seiki Kanoso
2018-05-11All ages2236 A.D.
2018-05-11All ages2236 A.D. - Demo
2012-11-17All ages2/2 Kareshi - Tenshi to Akuma
2013-09-21All ages2/2 Lover - Angels and Demons
2011-01-11All ages2nd Teen Story: X-mas
2009-08-27All ages<3
2010-07-27All ages3line:cross0
1996-04-19All ages3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ S
1993-02-05All ages3x3 Eyes - Sanjiyan Henjou
2014-06-21All ages40 Days & 40 Nights of Rain (unofficial)
2007-04All ages40 Days and 40 Nights of Rain (unofficial)
2018-08-14All ages40 napi és 40 éji eső (unofficial)
2007-01All ages40-nichi 40-ya no Ame
2012-12-06All ages40 Ri 40 Ye zhi Yu (unofficial patch)
2013-04-01All ages4 Gatsu 1 Nichi Kaerimichi