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2021-01-2318+Tsukikage no Simulacre -Kaihou no Hane- (unofficial patch)
2021-01-2312+Trouble Comes Twice Demo
2021-01-232ECONDS TO STΔRLIVHT: My Heart's Reflection
2021-01-2318+Haley's Story v0.98.2 - Incest Patch (patch)
2021-01-2318+WVM: Day 1-9 v0.9.3
2021-01-2318+Haley's Story v0.98.2
2021-01-22CamGirls: Sophie X Rias
2021-01-22Nostalgici Anonimi - Early Access
2021-01-2218+Gohoushi Akuma to Oshioki Tenshi - Trial Edition
2021-01-2217+AI: The Somnium Files (unofficial patch)
2021-01-22All agesYouth Signal: Sponsores Premier - Volume 2
2021-01-22Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen
2021-01-2217+My Lady Juliet
2021-01-2218+Kodoku na Neko Shoujo o Hirotte Hajimaru, Iyashi no Kozukuri Seikatsu - Package Edition
2021-01-2218+Genesis: Chapter 1 Episode 12
2021-01-21All agesThe Zodiac Trial
2021-01-21The Mikado Birdgirl in Taichung
2021-01-21Oh Mai Tiara: The Road For Love - Demo
2021-01-2118+Cat & Rooms (unofficial)
2021-01-2115+Ephemeral -FANTASY ON DARK-
2021-01-21Superstorm Melon Date
2021-01-21All agesSakura-iro Dreamer (unofficial patch)
2021-01-2117+Koibito wa Kouan Keiji
2021-01-2117+Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 5.5
2021-01-2118+Netorare Wife Misumi - Lustful Awakening v0.5
2021-01-2012+Steins;Gate - My Darling's Embrace (unofficial patch)
2021-01-2017+AI: The Somnium Files (unofficial patch)
2021-01-2018+Leisure Yacht - The Epilogue
2021-01-20Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? / The Girl in the Glass (unofficial)
2021-01-2018+Kirimomi! (unofficial patch)
2021-01-2018+Baka wa Shinanakya Naoranai! (unofficial patch)
2021-01-2018+Ero Zemi ~Ecchi ni Yaru-ki ni ABC~ (unofficial patch)
2021-01-2018+huaiyun da zuozhan (unofficial patch)
2021-01-2018+Kajuu 100% (unofficial patch)
2021-01-2018+Deep Love Diary -Koibito Nikki- (unofficial patch)
2021-01-2018+Tenmon Dokei no Aria (unofficial patch)
2021-01-2018+Triangle Love -Apricot Fizz- (unofficial patch)
2021-01-2018+Zui Lian×2/3 (unofficial patch)
2021-01-2018+Scarlet Law v0.1.6
2021-01-1918+Hapymaher (unofficial patch)
2021-01-19Rebels - Under the Spell of Magic (Chapter 1)
2021-01-19Hachi Hachi Mystery
2021-01-1918+Pretty x Cation (unofficial patch)
2021-01-1818+Yu Ziyuan Tong Zhu Gong Jie Qingyuan de Jian wu Lian qu SS (unofficial patch)
2021-01-1818+Yu Chun Tong Zhu Gong Jie Qingyuan de Jian wu Lian qu SS (unofficial patch)
2021-01-18All agesThe Space in Between
2021-01-18All agesSakura-iro Dreamer (unofficial patch)
2021-01-18Gloom and Doom
2021-01-1818+Niizuma Lovely x Cation (unofficial patch)
2021-01-18Max's Big Bust 2 - Max's Bigger Bust: Chapters 1-6