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John Cooley

John Cooley
Jackkel Dragon
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John Cooley is an independent game developer from USA and the writer and game designer for Team Despair. He is more well-known under his alias "Jackkel Dragon".

Jackkel's DeviantArt page.

Credits (10)

Corpse Party D2: Depths of Despair2013-11-15ScenarioJackkel Dragon
Corpse Party D2: Depths of Despair2013-11-15DirectorJackkel Dragon
Corpse Party D2: Depths of Despair2013-11-15StaffJackkel DragonGame design, planning
Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation2015-11-10ScenarioJackkel Dragon
Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation2015-11-10DirectorJackkel Dragon
Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation2015-11-10StaffJackkel DragonPlanning, game design
Eldritch Academy2019-01-04DirectorJackkel Dragon
Blooming Nightshade2019-08-18DirectorJackkel Dragon
Flowering Nightshade2019-10-15DirectorJackkel Dragon
Eldritch University2020-06-12DirectorJackkel Dragon