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Amamiya Poran

天宮 ぽらん

Amamiya Poran天宮 ぽらん
Drain Cherryドレン・チェリー
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Amamiya Poran is an illustrator from Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Her former pen name is "Drain Cherry".

Credits (13)

Card of Destiny2001-01-26ArtistDrain Cherry
Himawari no Saku Machi2002-02-08ArtistDrain Cherry
Moldavite2002-12-20ArtistDrain Cherry
Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito2002-12-20ArtistDrain CherryAssistant artist
Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito2002-12-20StaffDrain CherryGraphics
Tail Tale2003-12-12StaffDrain CherryColor design, CG chief, graphics
MiMi2005-01-28ArtistAmamiya Poran
Quilt2005-12-16ArtistDrain Cherry
Touka Gettan2007-05-25Character designAmamiya Poran
Touka Gettan2007-05-25ArtistAmamiya Poran
Koge to Lilith no Nachtmusik2008-02-05Character designDrain Cherry
Koge to Lilith no Nachtmusik2008-02-05ArtistDrain Cherry
Para-Sol2010-07-23ArtistAmamiya Poran