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Efe Tozan

Efe Tozan
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Composer from Istanbul.

SoundCloud: link
fault - SILENCE THE PEDANTunknownComposerEfe TozanOP
Without Within2014-12-21ComposerEfe Tozan
Cursed Sight2015-08-03ComposerEfe Tozan
Without Within 22015-11-09ComposerEfe Tozan
Mutiny!!2017-06-13ComposerEfe Tozan
The Last Birdling2017-09-01ComposerEfe Tozan
Without Within 32018-05-04ComposerEfe TozanSongs from Without Within 1 and 2.
Dizzy Hearts2019-12-05ComposerEfe Tozan
Wicked Willow2020-06-02ComposerEfe Tozan
Tokyo Re:Connect2020-09-10ComposerEfe Tozan
The Divine Speaker2022-03-30ComposerEfe Tozan
Extracurricular Activities2024-02-16ComposerEfe Tozan
The Inn Between2024ComposerEfe Tozan
A Marble's MuseTBAComposerEfe Tozan
Beyond the AbyssTBAComposerEfe Tozan
Reanimation SchemeTBAComposerEfe Tozan