Edit history of Asakura Azumi

s1089.152019-09-14 at 14:36ffviiccAsakura Azumiadd new alias
s1089.142017-02-18 at 16:45beliarAsakura Azumialias
s1089.132016-09-20 at 18:39traumatizerAsakura Azumialias (link)
s1089.122016-07-17 at 20:55wakaranaiAsakura AzumiReverted to revision s1089.10 see s589.6
s1089.112016-07-17 at 19:40jazz957Asakura Azuminame
s1089.102016-07-15 at 19:14wakaranaiAsakura Azumiadded alias (link, link)
s1089.92016-05-16 at 19:18wakaranaiAsakura Azumiaccording to link and link Warabi Chacha is an alias of s199
s1089.82016-05-16 at 17:38niyariAsakura AzumiAdded alias from ensemble SWEET's games
s1089.72015-12-24 at 19:04traumatizerAsakura Azumialias
s1089.62015-09-22 at 14:36hotsushi-kunAsakura Azumiadded
s1089.52015-09-22 at 14:34hotsushi-kunAsakura Azumialias
s1089.42015-07-21 at 21:07wakaranaiAsakura Azuminot sure about this one.
s1089.32015-07-20 at 08:11nutellafanAsakura AzumiPlease only add aliases that are applicable to the VNDb.
s1089.22015-07-16 at 09:07wakaranaiAsakura Azumiadded aliases mentioned at link other possible aliases from less credible sources: 上月美空 Kouzuki Misora, 紺野由梨 s1457, 上原あみ s5271, 蔦若葉 s1810, 江崎クレア s3856
s1089.12015-02-07 at 00:51wakaranaiAsakura Azumiadded seiyuu.