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Nanao Naru

七尾 奈留

Nanao Naru七尾 奈留
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Nanao Naru (pseudonym) is a female Japanese artist from Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Nanao's choice of her pseudonym stems from the Circus' game Aries; one of the characters was named Nanao Runa (七尾 留奈). She is a freelance illustrator and thus is not affiliated with one single company; she is primarily a character designer. She is affiliated with the doujin circle, "Ice to Choco (あいすとちょこ)".

Credits (37)

Kinki2 -Taboo- ~Hospital Taboo~2000-08-11Character designNaru
Kinki2 -Taboo- ~Hospital Taboo~2000-08-11ArtistNaru
Yaminabe Aries ~Asu e no Chousenjou~2000-09-29ArtistNanao Naru
Infantaria2001-01-26ArtistNanao Naru
Suika2001-07-27Character designNanao Naru
Suika2001-07-27ArtistNanao Naru
Archimedes no Wasuremono2001-12-14ArtistNanao Naru
D.C. ~Da Capo~2002-06-28Character designNanao NaruNemu, Sakura, Kotori
D.C. ~Da Capo~2002-06-28ArtistNanao NaruDC, DCPC, DCPS
Panic!! Kerokero Kingdom2002-09-20ArtistNanao Naru
Utau Ehon 1 2 3 Hai!!2002-11-08ArtistNanao Naru
D.C. ~Da Capo~ Onsen Hen2003-06-01ArtistNanao Naru
Sakura ~Setsugekka~2003-07-31Character designNanao Naru
Sakura ~Setsugekka~2003-07-31ArtistNanao Naru
Shuffle!2004-01-30StaffNanao NaruSpecial thanks
Canvas 2 ~Akaneiro no Palette~2004-04-23Character designNanao NaruElis and Kiri
Canvas 2 ~Akaneiro no Palette~2004-04-23ArtistNanao Naru
Innocent Colors ~Canvas 2 Fan Disc~2004-08-13ArtistNanao Naru
ef - First Fan Disc2006-08-25Character designNanao Naru
ef - First Fan Disc2006-08-25ArtistNanao Naru
Ef - A Fairy Tale of the Two.2006-12-11Character designNanao Naru
Ef - A Fairy Tale of the Two.2006-12-11ArtistNanao Naru
ef - Second Fan Mix2008-02-08ArtistNanao Naru
D.C.I.F. ~Da Capo~ Innocent Finale2009-04-29Character designNanao Naru
Majo ni Naru.2009-06-11Character designNanao Naru
Tenshi no Nichiyoubi "ef - A Fairy Tale of the Two." Plea...2010-09-17ArtistNanao Naru
Supipara2012-05-18ArtistNanao Naru
Berry's2013-06-28ArtistNanao Naru
Alia's Carnival!2014-03-28Character designNanao Naru
Alia's Carnival!2014-03-28ArtistNanao Naru
Alia's Carnival! Flowering Sky2015-05-29Character designNanao Naru
Alia's Carnival! Flowering Sky2015-05-29ArtistNanao Naru
Haruoto Alice * Gram2017-06-30Character designNanao Naru
Haruoto Alice * Gram2017-06-30ArtistNanao Naru
Akumade, Kore wa ~ no Monogatari2018-03-30ArtistNanao NaruKana
Shirokoi Sakura * Gram2019-03-29Character designNanao Naru
Shirokoi Sakura * Gram2019-03-29ArtistNanao Naru